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This journal is exclusively the playground of my poor excuse of a mind and is an absolute mash of Fandoms. I mainly focus on my new obsession, Once Upon A Time, Avengers, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Harry Potter, Bones, Castle, Merlin, Leverage, Stargate, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Community, Chuck, Haven and True Blood, but it's all subject to change on a regular basis, except for Stargate, that is my burning eternal love.
So if you are not over 18, and don't have a passing infatuation for some of the previously mentioned I wouldn't friend me, I don't often write fanfiction..but I do love to read it, and rec when I find a good one.

I am a totally and utter unabashed Fangirl, I was born a red headed twin, and have a large close family....and probably says a lot about me that I grew up living a Weasley Existence.

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